Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bears 0

Bears win!...for now….

I spent several hours this morning, taking apart the corner…again…and re-sewing it…I even added pieces of fabric to make it fit…it didn’t, so I am now awaiting a call from the lady who taught the class. Hopefully, we can get together over the summer and get this fixed…I really dislike when things don’t go together as planned. For now I am walking away from it, so I don't make it worse than it already is.

My eldest son, Simon is 29 today…now how did that happen? Seems like just yesterday he was a sickly, colicky baby weighing 5 pounds, with 3 holes in his underdeveloped heart….he cried and threw up 26 hours a day…well, it seemed like 26…what an amazing young man he has grown into. And, I am alive to talk about it!

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