Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The 'other' Cellar

Angela over at The Country Cellar has some amazing goodies on her Etsy site. She also has a great sale going on to celebrate her grand reopening. Go here to check out her goodies and tell her Claire sent you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

Well, the Canadian National Exhibition started yesterday and in honour of Toronto's 175th birthday, admission was just 1.75. Did I go? No way! Too busy, and hot for me. To a lot of people, this marks the end of summer.

A few weeks ago I was at the African Lion Safari. These two lions have the meaning of 'lazy days of summer' down to a science.
Todays is my mums' birthday. She is 75....and she'll probably threaten to kill me if she reads this post....
The 1930 quilts are almost finished! By tomorrow night they will be complete. There is one more that the lady asked me to just tie, it's really heavy and made with wool and a tweed like material. I think I am going to back it in flannel with no batting and add a few buttons along with the floss. I think it will be a trunk quilt.

Friday, August 21, 2009

After the storm

What a mass-hu-sive (is that a word?) storm we had late yesterday. We went on a bit of a mini quilt shop hop and within an hour of leaving one of the towns (Durham) a tornado touched down. This happened in several of the towns we visited. Seems the storm was just to the west of us all the way home. We got home just in time to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich and fill our bowls with homemade beef stew (I love my crockpot!) and then the power went out. And, the rain came down. And, the wind? That was the scariest part. I thought we were going to loose our maple tree in the backyard at best or the deck at the worst. It was just 7:30 and it was so dark out, it seemed like midnight.

My daughter bought me a rose bush for mothers' day and it has taken quite a while but here is the first bloom. Isn't it gorgeous? I am so glad the storm didn't damage the bush. After all that rain and wind, what a special treat to wake up to.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's been a busy, cool (as in weather ) summer. I gotten a few projects finished and twice as many started. Now, how does that happen?

A while back I posted about a lady at work who wanted me to make her some memory quilts from a few blocks and material found in her mum's basement. This is one of many blocks that I received. None of the centers were done and not one of the blocks would lay flat. Technically you can't call them blocks as they were not stitched onto anything (or can you?). I removed some of the wedges (shiny stuff, thin gauzy stuff, wedges that had peices added to make them the same size). Some of these blocks had 10 wedges, others had 12, still others had 15...what was the original quilter thinking? And, she stitched them together with BLACK thread!!! Most of this material was original 1930's fabric. The pic on the left is of the wedges after I sewed them. On the right, well, they didn't make the final cut. You can see the shininess on the dark green one. I really don't know what kind of fabric that is/was.

This is the final result, a bit hard to see, but I think you can see the wedges. The border has not been added to this pic, but it 3 inches wide and a 1930's print as well. I quilted a flower in the middle of each block, quilted the wedges along the top and the centre circles as well. I then added random white buttons on the sashing. I was asked to make 3 of them and then tie a quilt top after a backing has been added. I don't think I will add batting as the material is a really heavy wool suiting fabric.