Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vet Quilts

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to present quilts to some amazing people...veterans. I realize that no matter how many needs I have, there are others whose needs are greater. These brave men and women served so honourably and ask for nothing in return. Over the past several years women from the Sew Many Swaps group send me blocks and fabrics and I assembled approximately 50 quilts. 15 went to the veterans at the legion in the town of Ajax, where I lived for the past 27 years. What better way to get involved in my new community than to donate to the veterans? 15 were presented last week and I know there are 15 tops in a box...somewhere in this house and...there are also many more blocks in storage...waiting for a home. Here are a few pictures of this amazing event.  Not seen here behind the camera is Jennifer Fortin, Legion Secretary (but so much more than that),  the woman who organized this amazing event.

WW II Veteran Doug Scott, Legion 2nd VP Pat Grant on the left and me on the right
WWII Veteran Joe McCarroll

Betty Bevan accepting on behalf of her husband.

Vi Hannah WW II Veteran  (CWACS)

Comparing quilts


Quiltinggirl said...

Wonderful. Beautiful. Fabulous! You did good, Woman! Thank you.

Liz said...

From the smiling faces, I would say they are most appreciative! Congratulations for the finishes, Claire. I know you've had a lot on your plate so that is an amazing feat. Good for you and thank you to the Vets!!!

KSJ said...

I remember so many of these being made over the years, it's great to see them going to new homes :)