Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Moose

Every year around this time, I trace my grandsons' foot and both hands. After fusing it on a background, I blanket stitch it. This becomes a moose (really!). When he is 18 or ready for college, whichever comes first, I will put the blocks together for a quilt. Of course, they will be embellished with eyes and a nose after quilting. Mine/his is done in plaids, as this is a more 'manly' colour. The first blocks are 12.5 inches (and 2 moose could fit comfortably). I'm thinking, after this year they will need to be a bit bigger....that child sure has biig feet! He loves to 'shop' in my fabric, so some of the colour combination choices are all his.
The tradition will start for my newest grandson, James this year.

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