Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alberta Bound, Part 2

Well, the quilt got finished...halfway through the flight.

My seat mate was surprised I was let on the flight with needles and scissors, but they confiscated my mousse and water. Go figure!

I minored in English in university, this person obvioulsy did not. Look closely, shoddiness like this irks me to no end. You would think that the fabric company would have seen this and not sold it. After all, we pay a good price for fabric. Lesson learned, I'll make sure to double check next time I buy this line (or any line for that matter). Good thing it is on the back of the quilt.

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Liz said...

You just need to tell anyone that asks about it, that the "A" is behind the bottle!! It's adorable either way Claire. I love the design of 'streamers' or ribbons. Really cute!