Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, after years of staying home and listening to arguments and just plain silliness, I spent Super Bowl Sunday at the Cockle Doodle Quilt Shop, sitting, sewing and....eating. It seems we do a lot of that there. Oh yes and we talked, of course. I met some new people and Sadie the dog....(shhh...don't tell her that, she thinks she's people).

I got the hanging sleeve on my Punkin Wall hanging and the button embellishments, but I left the eye balls at home. So, one of the pumpkins is missing his (can you spot him in the picture?). I hope to get that done tonight, as well as the label and an up to date picture. And, then it will be officially done! I can't remember when I started it...2 years ago? maybe. I did a bit of work on my 'Busy Little Christmas Elves' and got a lot of blanket stitching done on my 'Tisket Tasket' blocks.....I also got the most awesome backing for a bird house quilt that I have, which is still in the original kit. I don't even want to open it yet till I get some of these UFO's out of the way. When I was changing the blade on my rotary cutter, I somehow managed to slip the blade under my finger nail, yep gonna lose that nail. Pretty painful. My turn for feeling bad. I think Elaine wanted that fabric for the backing on her bird house quilt, but I bought what was left. She bought another fabric from the same line. I figure it's payback for the cookie tin she guilted me out of....just kidding, there are more where that one came from...ooops, now why did I just say that? I'll have to go and make sure the front door is locked. Seems Elaine collects cookie tins. Maybe I'll hide mine as well as lock the front door.

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