Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Summer of Sorrow'

That was the name of the documentary that I watched last night. It was on the Irish immigration to Canada and documented one family's journey for a better life. I researched the Irish Diaspora in university and retraced my ancestors steps when I was in Ireland 2 years ago, but nothing prepared me for this...it was so sad....what a wrenching decision for this and many thousands of other families....stay in Ireland and face certain death from starvation and disease or risk an ocean voyage of 2 plus months in cramped, unsanitary 'coffin' ships and face an unknown future and probable death. You'll have to watch it next time it's aired.
Saint Patrick's Day...the one time of year, that I reflect on my ancestors and silently thank them for taking that journey into the unknown.

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Mary Owen said...

"Summer of Sorrows" was a most powerful documentary. It was particularily meaningful to me because my Great Grandmother, her Mother and Sister were part of this emigration.

I would certainly like any information as to how I could buy a copy of the document for my DVD library.

Mary Owen