Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cancer won't kill her...

...but I might, or rather my driving. Last night I drove Lucie back to the Lodge in Toronto she is staying at while undergoing radiation treatments. Normally, driving in Toronto doesn't bother me in the least...unless I have a 'back seat driver' (or in this case front)....She took it well when I told to be quiet and let me drive....BUT...the worst part was yet to come...the street we needed to be on to get to the Lodge has no lane markings and it quite confusing..there are not even any solid lines, yellow or otherwise....I ended up going Southbound in the Northbound lanes...oops...okay both our arteries are clear husband tells me later on that the markings are above the street....this is a 5 lane street, in the morning there are 3 lanes going South (into the city) and 2 lanes going North. In the evening it is the opposite. I would have been fine if it had been morning....and yes there was a car coming right at us! Like I said, our arteries are now clear. And, yes she still loves me and is still speaking to me.
We were coming back from an enjoyable day out. We wandered through several malls, and checked out hand bags that we couldn't even afford to look at...(1000.00 plus), had a wonderful dinner at the "Rainforest Cafe"...we were warned by the hostess that there would be thunder and lightening about every ten minutes and 'noisy' animals, but we weren't counting on the animated animals. All in all a wonderful dining experience, and quite reasonable.
We then went to the quilt shoppe, 'Sew Sisters' for a class I was taking, she tagged along 'cuz I was driving, but it was good for her to get out. She sat and embroidered some blocks she was working on, and while I really didn't learn anything from the class, but it was so good to get out as well. (You can only see so many people when you are not working and are stuck at home). I am sure that I will learn something in the upcoming lessons. We are making a 'Neutral Quilt' is absolutley gorgeous, go here for a look You can also see the Block of the Month (Christmas) we are both working on. Yes, we are keeping ourselves busy.

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