Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Way too long

Yes, it has been way too long. In short, my 25 year old daughter moved out of the house she shared with her partner of 8 years and moved in with me with their 5 year old son. This was in April...in September, she decided that she had had enough of mother hood and left her son with his dad..her former partner....are you lost, yet? Well, dad had housing and finance issues and by October, he had moved into my house with the 5 year old....still lost? Don't feel bad, just think of what my 5 year old grandson is going through....yes that is him on my quilt that is getting pinned (August post).
In September, my best friend (that's her in my profile pic) was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was found during a routine mammogram, which she has every two years as there is no family history. Quite a shock! She had a lumpectomy the day before Christmas, and 16 lymph nodes were removed. The lymph nodes were free of cancer, thank goodness. Prognosis is excellent. With radiation, the chance of this cancer recurring is 15%. With chemo and radiation, the chance of it recurring is 13-14%. So, she had opted for no chemo. That was a very difficult decision and one we hope won't come back to haunt her. I have helped where I can, but her boyfriend has been a rock through it all (thanks Bill!). Radiation starts on the 17th of February.
So it is now a new year and I hope to post more regularly.
I am still actively looking for work, know anyone that is hiring?? It is soooo frustrating, with over 300 resumes sent out and...nothing....more on the hunt later....

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