Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bears are pinned

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted. I got a lot of UFo's completed! I'm going to count them when I am totally finished...there are 6 more pinned and awaiting quilting. This includes the top 'Shadow of the Bear'. Yes, the one I was having trouble with. What a busy month. The quilt shown is called 'Trail Mix', I can't believe how huge it is! Queen sized, aka 'driveway quilt.' My 5 year old grandson thought the white areas were stars and so he decided to go to the moon. He got part of his car seat, the top for my butter churn and away he went! What a delightful imagination that child has. That quilt is now complete and just waiting on a bed.


peggy said...

Geesh Claire, if that quilt is waiting on a bed, send it to me! I have beds it will fit on :)

BusyLiz said...

That is the cutest story ever!!! I can't wait for grandkids.

3anklebiters said...

I can see the "stars" now that someone has pointed them out. Beautiful job.

Pat said...

Claire...you just entered my giveaway but there is no email address connected with your entry. Please contact me (via my blog...click on my name here) to let me know an email address for you,okay? Thanks! Your signature quilt for your parents' 50th anniversary sounds WONDERFUL.

Angela said...

tap tap tap....is this thing on? LOL

Laurie in Maine said...

Your Whirl Into Winter gift goes in the mail today :) I adore this quilt and when I finally tracked down which magazine it came out of I went in search through my "collection" to see if I had that issue. The very LAST BHG magazine I unearthed was the right issue!! next on my scrappy quilt to-do list :)
Happy New Year.
(adding a tap, tap, tap of my own)