Friday, December 12, 2014

Meet Marsh....1 year later

I am actually almost 2 weeks late with this post.  One year ago, on November 30, Marsh came to live at her forever home.  We've learned a lot since that day.  Some of her milestones:

-3 unauthorized field trips
-numerous (too many to mention) trips to the dog parks
-doggy training classes (most of which she failed)  She marches to the beat of her own drummer
-4 new gentle leaders (she chewed through the first 3)
-5 new leashes (yes, she chewed through the first 3 as well).  I now have a spare, because you know I will need it
-learning to walk alongside the mobility scooter
-making friends with his forever friend and house mate, Qtip after chewing a hole in his ear....hmm....he looks pretty cool with one ear pierced...not
-getting acquainted with Joe Bylaw (too acquainted if you ask me).  They both know that he carries treats in the back of his truck....
-she can now sit for extended periods of time, instead of pacing, pacing, pacing
-she gained 30 pounds...ooops doc says she is a little on the heavy side, he is no longer Marsh's friend
-a birthday party with all the trimmings was shared with Qtip, they both had birthdays on the same day....don't know who liked the party hats more.
-fabric may look pretty, but it is not edible, nor are socks, table legs, doors, spools of thread or Qtip's ear....

And mum....

Well, her milestones include...numerous bottles of wine. And, a lot of patience...(one of those sentences is correct, you decide which one)

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