Monday, September 1, 2014

Wasn't that a Party?!

Notes from Marsh

Well, yesterday (August 31) mummy had a party for us....Qtip is 5 and mummy is unsure of my age, so today I officially became 2....Qtip is complaining, cuz he has to share his special day.....mummy took lots of pictures

 Mummy made both of us bandannas, aren't they fun?  Qtip's is blue and mine is a lavender colour.

Aren't we good looking?  I think I look the best.

Silly Qtip is hiding in the sunflowers.   He sneezes a lot when he hides there.  Mummy says it is the pollen?  Don't know about that, I think he just wants attention.

Look at our hats, Qtip doesn't like his, but I think ,mine makes me look like a princess....(mummy calls me that a lot)
yes, some serious partying happening, our hats are falling off.....mummy says they are askew??
No pictures of the cake, cuz we ate it before mummy could focus in....
 but it sure was good, there was even a candle that I wanted to eat, but Auntie Lou said I couldn't.  I'm tired from all that fun, think I'll have a nap right here,,,yawn....thanks for visiting!


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Anonymous said...

Q-tip has always sneezed for attention