Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Aunt Lucie-a note from Qtip

Ever have one of those days when you are trying to finish something in time for a deadline? For the past few years, a sister quilter challenges us to finish up to 15 UFO's in a six month period. Well, the challenge started in January 1 and was to end on June 30. Well, it was June 29 and I was on number 12. I really wanted to get this wall hanging done. After all, it had been to England and back again in 2009 and still was not finished. Of course Qtip had other plans ( yes the same dog you see in the previous post.
Well 'he sent' a light hearted note to my girlfriend knowing that I was stressed and mad at him. The monsters he refers to? Fabric with monsters on them which will be put in a quilt next week when Lucie visits. Enjoy the moment:

Mum gave me a bath.....and I smelled so good too! Fish guts and other delightful stinks. A bath! The nerve! I don't like baths, but she mumhandled me into the sink and covered me in baby shampoo. Baby shampoo! I'm not a baby. And, then she had the nerve to complain about my weight. hmmm....67 pounds is not a lot of weight to carry, is it Aunt Lucie? I carry it very well. I told her the monsters made me roll in it, so she threw them into the sink as well. What light weights they are, she lifted them with one finger, but they are scary, so the scariness makes up for their lack of weight.Now mum says her back hurts. Well, no one made her put me in the sink. But, I got the best of her, I shook myself off all over the clean laundry....I thought of that monster encouragement needed there, speaking of which, I wonder where they went......oooh, I hope they are not down the drain, that's an even scarier place, I heard mum flushes spiders down there....well, I'm off now to roll in dad's bed, his sheets need changing, so it's not like they are clean or anything....especially not after I finish in there! lovies qtip :)

Stay tuned for more antics....

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