Friday, August 21, 2009

After the storm

What a mass-hu-sive (is that a word?) storm we had late yesterday. We went on a bit of a mini quilt shop hop and within an hour of leaving one of the towns (Durham) a tornado touched down. This happened in several of the towns we visited. Seems the storm was just to the west of us all the way home. We got home just in time to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich and fill our bowls with homemade beef stew (I love my crockpot!) and then the power went out. And, the rain came down. And, the wind? That was the scariest part. I thought we were going to loose our maple tree in the backyard at best or the deck at the worst. It was just 7:30 and it was so dark out, it seemed like midnight.

My daughter bought me a rose bush for mothers' day and it has taken quite a while but here is the first bloom. Isn't it gorgeous? I am so glad the storm didn't damage the bush. After all that rain and wind, what a special treat to wake up to.

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